m0n0wall captive portal project

This project is complete - m0n0wall has captive portal!

Mon0wall now supports captive portal! It is available in the version 1.1 (non-beta) release. These pages will be left here for historic interest and to help others building captive portals.

The m0n0wall captive portal project is trying to add captive portal support to the already awesome m0n0wall project. Here we'll keep specs, status and any other relevant information. Ongoing discussions will take place on the m0n0wall developer mailing list, but feel free to add comments to these pages too - someone will get them to the right place.

What is it? A captive portal forces anyone who connects to a network for the first time to a specific web page. There they can find out who is providing this access and typically acknowledge the rules of access. More complex portals require a validated login but that is beyond the scope of this project.

The motivation for this project is simple: there are growing numbers of free wireless networks around the world looking for gateway software like m0n0wall which is small, fast, reliable, powerful and easy to maintain and configure. The main thing missing is captive portal support.


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