m0n0wall Captive Portal - US$222.50 Reward for Development

There is a $222.50 reward(*), plus 1 yr NYCWireless membership and T-Shirt, to anyone who can add captive portal support and an additional $222.50 to Manuel (m0n0wall's developer) to reflect the work he's done to date and the work doubtless involved with integrating even the best made additions. I'm doing this to try and speed up the appearance of captive portal support which is vital for using m0n0wall in more community projects.

Please email me if you'd like to add to this amount.

The rules are (hopefully) simple:

  • The resulting code has to be integrated into the mainstream m0n0wall release. Hence it has to meet the criteria Manuel specifies (which is subject to change as needed).
  • The reward is paid in US dollars by whatever legal mechanism is mutually agreed upon and convenient (e.g. either directly or as equivalent goods, or whatever).
  • In the event of some confusion about who did what work, the final decision about who gets what money is mine alone. I'll do my best to be fair to all concerned. Its possible that the reward will be split amongst multiple people at my sole discretion.

Feel free to post comments directly to this page or on the m0n0wall mailing list. Thanks! Michael Mee.

(*) This total reflects $200 of my own money and, so far, $100 of an anonymous contributor, another $100 from www.openacces.org, $20 from Barry Murhpy and $25 from Benjamin Henry, as well as a contribution from NYCWireless. I'll continue to split contributions 50-50 with the contributor and Manuel.


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